Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Craig Morgan - The Henningsens - Tyler Hartry

As the title suggests this was a good old fashioned country music show featuring three great acts held on a hot summers night in Decatur, Illinois at the Macon County Fairgrounds.

The first to open the show was Tyler Hartry, an aspiring country music sensation with a great voice and he played some covers, and some original songs that the crowd seemed to really enjoy.

Next up was The Henningsens are a farm family from Illinois that are excellent musicians to boot. They are comprised of Brian (dad), Aaron (eldest son) and Clara (daughter). They have already wrote a number of hits for other artist and now are performing their own songs.

Finally the headliner, Craig Morgan - with a number of hit songs, including his current hit "Corn Star"  and a hit television show, he was bound to please the crowd and he did!

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