Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Granny Whites at the Lipstick Lounge

By Butch Worrell Nashville, TN

 The Granny Whites recently  played one of Nashville’s coolest nightclubs, The Lipstick Lounge.
The Granny Whites are a five member, all female band that if you give them a chance, will definitely steal your face. A little bit rock, a little bit folk with a whole lot of soul, they rocked out the Lipstick lounge that night. In their own words they are….. JK Camardella (uke, guitar, banjo, vocals) , Daphne Culver (guitar, piano, accordion,vocals) Jacki Macri (mindblowing drums, washboard other percussion instruments) Rometrius North (bass guitar, guitar, sax, clarinet) Anna Bethany Hogue (vocals, tambourine, spoons, did we mention vocals?!)

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