Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Darkest Days with Otherwise, Surrender The Fall and Deadwood Stone

My Darkest Days
Surrender The Fall
Deadwood Stone
The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

On Monday we decided to go to the Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  If you have never been to the Intersection you’re missing out on seeing your favourite bands perform up close.  This was the third time we covered shows at the Intersection for that reason.

Before seeing the show we viewed all of the bands on youtube to listen to their music.  Videos and sound tracks don’t do any of the bands justice after hearing them live.  All four bands sounded great live.

The true test of a band is hearing them perform live and see how they interact with the crowd. 

Deadwood Stone:
This band had some great songs on you tube my favourite was “Painted Soul”, “The Man”, “Never Again”, and “Truckers Holiday”.  The hardest job for a band is to get the crowd going.  Deadwood Stone had no problem blowing people away with their music.


The band is from the Grand Rapids area and sounds amazing live.  They put on a great show interacting with the crowd.

Surrender The Fall:
Surrender The Fall we really enjoyed the show they put on for us.  My son and I got caught up in their music that we lost count of the number of songs they played.  Some of the songs we liked on youtube were, “Love Hate Masquerade”, “Some Kind Of Perfect” and “Nothing”.

They sounded great live and would be happy to see them live again.

One of the songs we were waiting to hear that I watched on video was, “Soldier”.  This is a great song to see live or on video.  Otherwise really rocked and kept the crowd going before My Darkest Days played.


Other songs that we watched were “Shadows” and “Lighthouse” that we liked.

My Darkest Days:
Some of My Darkest Days songs that I’ve heard were, “Move Your Body”, “Casual Sex”, and the well known song “Porn Star Dancing”.  They really got the crowd excited as they came out on stage.  They sound twice as good live as any recording of them.

If My Darkest Days ever comes back around again I’d recommend going to their show.  It would be well worth the money to see them again live.

One thing I’d have to say about all the bands I didn’t think all the bands would sound as good as they did.  But once we heard the bands and watched them live.  We really were surprised at the quality of show they put on.  Any of the four bands we would enjoy seeing again and again.

One last thing about The Intersection venue that's nice is that the bands usually hang out at the bar area.  Most of the bands mingled and talk with anyone that wanted to, and get pictures with them. 
By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 09-19-2012.

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