Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RockStar Energy Upraor Festival Noblesville, Indiana Sept 8th 2012 at Klipsch Music Center

Despite being over and hour late to the venue thanks to construction traffic, we managed to see most of the bands and get all of our interviews done. Walking in, Klipsch is packed like I’ve never seen. People milling around between the vendors and stages all seem to be in good spirits as everyone shares the same motive for the day: enjoy some bad ass music. Squeezing all those people into that small of a space may seem like it would be a problem but the combined excitement and anticipation of everyone there kinda makes you overlook the drunken douchebags walking around spilling beer on everything and slurring all their words. All in all it’s a great atmosphere to be a part of.

After rushing to our first Interview with Chris Jericho from Fozzy we were able to catch their set. Displaying energy normally only possessed by sugared up toddlers, Fozzy was all over the stage and the crowd loved every second of it.  Chris Jericho, at one point, even jumped on the speakers alongside the stage and sang to the audience waiting with outstretched hands. 

Frank Fontsere, their drummer, has an insane amount of energy and love for what he does. 

Later in the day we were able to catch up with Billy Grey and Rich Ward, the guitarists for Fozzy. When asked what the best thing about the tour was Rich stood up and turned our camera towards the lake behind us and said “Great show, great fan base but also, and the fact that we’re doing an interview and right over there is the singer of P.O.D.  fishing in the lake with his son”. The camaraderie of all the bands there is just astounding. These guys may or may not have ever met each other before, but they’re all hanging out and having a good time.

The next show we caught was P.O.D. , again, a very energetic band. The crowd, young and old, was going crazy through the set. There were people crowd surfing and starting mosh pits, overall having a great time. Durin g the set he even stepped out onto the guard rails in front of the crowd and let various fans sing parts of the songs. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing their lead singer, Sonny. While doing the interview, his son sat in on the entire thing playing on his iPad. According to him, the best part of the show is seeing all the up and coming bands. The rest of the band couldn’t be reached for an interview. 

After P.O.D., I decided to walk around and see what people thought about the show. Everyone I was able to talk to said that they loved being there and loved the atmosphere. Walking around looking for willing interview-ees, I was able to scope out some of the vendors. Along with the obvious band merch, people were selling glass pieces, banners, flags and even hats made of old beer boxes. The air in the “lobby” area smelled strongly of nachos, beer and a strawberry Swisher. All of the people there seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying themselves. The next big matter of business was catching the show on main stage.

Adelita’s way put in a phenomenal show. The crowd was incredibly responsive to them and seemed to love every second of the show. The pavilion and lawn were both packed with people from wall to wall. People were standing in the aisle ways listening to the show while security tried in vain to usher them to their seats. 

The band appeared to love the attention and crazed fans cheering them on and enjoying the show. 

Between sets everyone shuffles back out to the vendors to get a cold on or some more nachos or to just meet up with friends and talk about the bands.

Next on the roster was Staind. They’re a great band to see if you’ve never seen them before. Their stage show was simple yet awesome at the same time. 

This band has an awesome stage presence and the crowd responded wonderfully to them.  Everyone there was enjoying the show and in good spirits.

Godsmack played a phenomenal show. From the very beginning their set was engaging and entertaining. 

Their drummer, Shannon Larkin, has so much energy it’s unreal. During one part they wheeled out a second drum set and both Shannon and Sully played drums together in kind of like a duel/duet where they tossed their drum stick back and forth to each other without missing a beat. 

The crowd, in my opinion, was at their peak during the entire set.  Shinedown may have been the headliner but Godsmack stole the show. Godsmack is an incredibly talented band with a broad and enthusiastic fan base.

Shinedown’s stage set up was very flashy and visually engaging, between the pyrotechnics and light show. The singer, 

Brent Smith, had a box he stood on at the front of the stage and didn’t really move from it too often although the guitarist, Zach Myers, did play part of a song from the sound booth in the middle of the pavilion. The show itself was great and entertaining.

Being the first “festival” type show my girlfriend had ever been to, She enjoyed it. If given the chance to do it again we would, although I would leave earlier to make sure I get through the construction traffic in time to see the entire show.

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