Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Now And Forever by Sister Sin

Now And Forever
By Sister Sin
Album Review

Sister Sin has a quality of the 80’s metal bands and modern metal also.  The lead singer’s vocals has the power of Joan Jett.  But also has the vocal metal smoothness of a female Dio. 

The vocals blend so smooth with any metal riff and drums.  Holding the notes on vocals as long as she wants.  The guitar playing no matter what song on this album I really like. 

The guitar playing is unique on each song so it doesn’t sound the same.  That’s perfect for this album so people don’t get bored with the same sound on each song.  Bass and drums blend in smoothly to make this band great.

MMXII:  This song is the calm before the storm.  Relaxing music with a touch of violin playing.  Getting you ready to be caught off guard with the metal slam of the next song.

End Of The Line:  We really like this song for cruising with the quick metal riffs.  The urge to turn it up loud just like when I play Metallica’s “One”.  I received an excessive noise ticket for playing “One” too loud. 

Some urges you just can’t resist the “End Of The Line”, is like this.

Fight Song:  I really love the start of this song with drums and guitar slams you sonically.

In It For Life:  Great start with vocals and sound carry from start to finish.

Hearts Of Cold: I love the lyrics of the song not holding back.  The vocals let you know how she feels.  This is very visual and enjoyable for a metal song.

The Chosen Few:  I like how the lead singer slams you with her voice before the band kicks in.

Hang ‘Em High:  This is a take no prisoners song.  Very visual song with great lyrics, guitar, bass and drums.

I’m Not You: I love the fast wash boarding guitar riffs blends with the vocals smoothly with the drums and bass.  The lyrics tell you like it is.

Running Low:  I like the story the song tells you in this song.

Shades Of Black:  Another song that’s very visual that tells you a story.  Great vocals blending with guitar, drums, and bass smoothly.

Morning After:  The piano starts the song out the then beautiful vocals.  You truly find the vocal range of the lead singer with this song.  A calming song after hearing the metal storm of the rest of the album. 

Perfectly ending the album and easing into metal guitar and vocals half way through the song.

All the songs sounded great and passed all four tests that we do to an album.
1.Can you play this at a party to get the crowd energized up??
2. Can you turn this up and cruise with metal pride?
3. Can you listen to this album on your mp3 while working out at the gym?
4.  The sleep on it test the most difficult of tests many fail at.  Can you listen to the music wake up the next day and think what song is going through your head?

On question number four the memory of the total sound of guitar, bass, drums and the beautiful metal vocals is what I remember.  The total album is an amazing metal piece of art.

As good as this album sound I’m left wanting to hear more of this band.  I’m drawn to hearing the band live next year in Detroit Michigan.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 10-21-2012

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