Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seether, Kyng and Eye Empire,The Triple Threat Tour

Kyng, Eye Empire
At The Orbit Room,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

My son and I working as a team made it to The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan early.  While we were waiting in line for an hour we ran into friend we met at Five Finger Death Punch.  As we report more and more shows we make friends along the way.

All of them have great taste in music. That’s why we keep running into them at shows.  Before the show we talked a while about up coming shows at The Orbit Room.  Lately The Orbit Room has been lining up some great rock and metal shows.

So far this year we’ve been to The Orbit Room three times and plan to be back two more times at least.  The Orbit Room is a great place to go for a concert.  Usually before or after bands sets are done they’ll hang out at the band’s merchandise booth.

Eye Empire:

The first band to be on the show was Eye Empire.  Before the show we had no idea how good the band sounded.  We didn’t have time to check some of the music on

I always said the true test of a band is to hear a band live.  The lead singer put every bit of energy into belting out lyrics.  In some of our pictures we caught Donald Carpenter showing the energy he belts out in the microphone.

We really enjoyed the thunder bass of Corey Lowery.  At the end of the third song Corey gave my son Andrew knuckles from the stage.  Very metal Corey I thank you.  With great guitar riffs by B.C. Kochmit, and great drumming by Ryan Bennett.

Eye Empire made for a great balance of metal that blew the crowd away sonically. 

Some of the songs that I like from their cd that I bought at the merchandise booth were as follows.

I Pray
Great Deceiver
Bull In A China Shop
Don’t Lie To Me
Angels & Demons

If you never hear this band before you gotta catch them in your area it’s well worth the money.  If they come around again we would be glad to see the band again.


The next band to come out was Kyng.  This was another band that we never heard before they came out on stage.  This band really sounded great live.

Kyng reminded me of another band that we really like are Red Fang.  Kyng has that west coast sound unique sound.  What we really liked were the guitar solos and a heavy thundering bass also and the drums blended perfectly.

I also bought Kyng’s cd and Seether’s cd all three cd’s we a good price at just $10 each.  Usually at most concerts the cd’s are marked higher so I was motivated to buy them.  My 17 year old daughter and my 21 year old son already listened through all three cd’s.

That’s how good all three bands sound.  My favourite songs on Kyng’s cd are the first six songs.

Falling Down
Pushing & Pulling
Trampled Sun
Takes It’s Toll
Trails In Veins

Kyng has their own sound with great roaring vocals of Eddie Veliz, to thundering bass of Tony Castaneda, and great drumming of Pepe Clarke.  I would like to say a special thanks to Tony Castaneda.  For putting up with me before the show at the merch. Booth I talked his ear off about music and an up coming show of Megadeth’s.

This band has a great sound that reminds me of many bands besides Red Fang, but also Soundgarden and a few other great bands.  If Kyng is in concert around your area you should also take a listen to them live.  Kyng kept crowd energized and ready to see Seether.


This is a well know band that has been on the radio for years with many songs we really like.  On the cd I bought of Seether’s named, “Holding Onto Strings Better I Left to Fray”.  I picked six songs my son and I like of theirs.

Country Song:  I really like the blues guitar picking at the beginning of this song.
Master Of Disaster
Here And Now
No Resolution
Fur Cue

These were in order of what we liked the most on this cd.  Seeing Seether live was a true test.  They sounded great and put on a unique light show.  The bass player had a guitar the lit up in the dark. 

Much of the photos that we took were in low light.  Many of the good pictures of the band we had to time with the stage lighting.  It was a great show with all three bands sounding great.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) and Andrew Spratt 10-20-2012

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