Sunday, October 14, 2012


At The Orbit Room
Grand Rapids, Michigan

When I heard that Pop Evil was putting on a show at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan it sounded like a concert to go to.   When I told my friends at work they thought I was crazy to go but probably would do the same thing.  After working 12 hours I hurried out of work and picked up my son to assist me in covering the concert.

It turned out I assisted him I was so tired but felt I couldn’t miss this show.  It was well worth going to.  If you’ve never seen Pop Evil live you don’t know how good this band really is.

The true test of a band is listening to them live.  When we arrived at The Orbit Room we heard one band playing.  We were drawn in by the music rocking the crowd.

The Last Vegas:

The band, The Last Vegas was rocking the crowd.  I have never heard this band play before.  I realized that I was missing out on some great rock music.

They passed the live test.  They got the crowd going crazy with their sonic attacks.  After listening to them live I had to check their music out on you

My favourite picks of their music:

“Evil Eyes”
“The Otherside”
“What Gets You Off”
“Loose Lips”
“My Way Forever”
“Beat To Hell”
“Bad Decision”
“Don’t Take It So Hard”

I really like their music but missed out on buying their cd while I was there.  I plan on getting their new cd that’s out now.

Pop Evil:

We just covered Pop Evil when they were on tour with Five Finger Death Punch.  We knew what to expect from their music.  They always put on a great show and that’s what motivated me to make do the last minute concert coverage.

They have a great sound and are from the surrounding Grand Rapids area.  So they’re local rock heroes to me and probably the rest of the crowd.  Pop Evil was like a sonic tornado and the audience blades of grass in a field.

Other words they rocked the crowd and blew them away.  Pop Evil is one band that both my metal son like and I like.  When ever they have another show you’ll see us there, because they’re that good.

If you don’t believe me check out some of their music videos and mp3 and do your own research.  Once you do you’ll agree that they can really rock.  I like to say a special thanks to Pop Evil and to my friend Luke D.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 10-14-12

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