Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lacuna Coil, Avatar, Coldville and Sargent Avenue

Lacuna Coil
Sargent Avenue
@The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sunday 02-24-2013 was perfect weather a trip to a concert.

Sargent Avenue:  When they came out on stage they grabbed the crowd’s attention and did not let go.  They warmed the crowd up that was gathering for the show.  They did not hesitate at all when starting up and kept going.

The hardest job for a band to do is the start up of the show.  If you don’t do a good job people watching will get an attitude toward the whole show.  Sargent Avenue handled the stage with powerful vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

We would go see this band again without hesitation.

Coldville:  We caught Coldville with Papa Roach last month.  This band put on an amazing show so we were happy to see them again.  At the time I did not have any extra money to buy a CD so this time around I bought one.

Coldville grabbed the audience just as good if not better than the Orbit Room show last month.  This band I would see again and again this is proof.  I wanted to share the songs on the CD.  I would like to say a special thank you to Luke of Coldville for helping us out.

Coldville set list:

Let It Burn
The Invader
Turn It Around
Get Yours
Live Before I Die
Just So You Know
Going Crazy
Into The Dark
It’s Okay
Say Farewell

I hope everyone has a chance to see this band live and get a CD it’s worth the money spent.

Avatar:  This band was unique metal band from Sweden.  We did not know what to expect at the beginning of the show.  Johannes Eckerström walked out on stage with a black leather executioner’s mask and hood on.

This really surprised the crowd and us as well.  The shock factor of the show worked out perfectly.  Their sound in some of the song made me think of circus background music.

They mix that with amazing metal tone and theatrics.  If I could describe the lead singer picture a roughly 7 foot tall Alice Cooper mixed with Marilyn Manson.  He works the stage like both.

Avatar captured everyone in the crowd’s attention and kept them in their grasp.  Great thundering metal vocals and theatrics and an amazing stage presence of the whole band make them a great metal band.  This band is so great I see them touring with Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper.

I could see them at future metal festivals as well.  This band is going to skyrocket the more people listen to them.  We caught the only set list that was given out to share with the readers.

Avatar set list:
Let Us Die
Torn Apart
Let It Burn
Black Waltz
Dying To See
Freak Show

We hope to see and cover their show as many times as we can.  The live show they put is amazing leaving you wanting more of their music.  I had a chance to shake Johannes Eckerström’s hand and tell him how great they did.

Lacuna Coil:  Last year my son and I covered Lacuna Coil at The Deltaplex Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  For this show Lacuna Coil opened for Megadeth and Rob Zombie.  We knew that Lacuna Coil would put on a great show.

We always like hearing Lacuna Coil because of their unique sound.  They don’t copy anyone else and sound amazing live. If you have never seen this band live you’re missing out on a great show.

We caught the set list for Lacuna Coil and wanted to share it with you.

Lacuna Coil Set List:

I Won't Tell You
Kill The Light
End Of Time
Self Deception
Heaven's A Lie
Trip The Darkness
Our Truth
My Spirit

The true test of all four of the bands for this show is how good they perform live.  Seeing how they sound and how they work the stage to keep the crowd going.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) & Andrew Spratt 02-26-2013

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