Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Mickey Hart Band

Mickey Hart with the Mickey Hart Band

The final installment of Grateful Dead music over the course the weekend at All Good Music
Festival and Campout 2012 was The Mickey Hart Band on Sunday afternoon. Mickey, one of the
drummers from the Grateful Dead, led a terrific show backed by Dave Schools from Widespread Panic on bass, Gawain Mathews on lead guitar, Joe Bagal on lead vocals and keyboard, Sikiru Adepoju on talking drum and djembe, Crystal Monee Hall on background vocals, and Ian Herman on drums. Of
course, Mickey was going full-throttle playing a myriad of percussion instruments including cowbells,
djembes, and even a digital drum pad.

The show was full of Grateful Dead songs and even though the whole weekend was filled with Grateful Dead based acts,
The Mickey Hart Band
The Mickey Hart Band kept it interesting by
putting their own unique expression on the legendary tunes. Highlights of the show included
“Brokedown Palace” and Mickey’s original “Heartbeat of the Sun.” The crowd was smaller than what you would expect being the only act playing at the time. However, it was early in the afternoon on a scorching day and the Ohio sun was beating down on the masses of already sunburned festival goers.  Nevertheless, the truly brave and (hopefully) hydrated fans that were present at this show were lucky enough to witness a truly masterful performance full of classic numbers with tribal percussive influences. This was easily one of the best shows of the weekend.  Don't miss the 2013 All Good Festival.  Tickets are on sale: www.allgoodfestival.com

Mickey Hart
Gawain Mathew
Dave Schools
Crystal Monee Hall

Joe Bagal

Sikiru Adepoju

Mickey Hart Band

Mickey Hart Band

Mickey Hart Band announced that they are playing Dark Star Jubilee in August and will undoubtedly be included at other festivals this summer. If you are into The Dead and world music fused together, The Mickey Hart Band is for you.

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