Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kid Rock First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park Illinois August 30 2013

Upon arriving at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater it was hot and humid for it had rained most of the day. The size of this venue in case you have never attended is massive. The stage hands are hard at work getting the stage ready for Kid Rock to come out and perform his sold out show. Indeed Chicago was sold out like every other show Kid Rock has had on this tour.

The lights go out and I can see them raising a huge banner with the likeness of Kid Rock on a twenty dollar bill. With words like “In Kid We Trust” and other Kid Rock Sayings on it. As the band started playing the first song a spotlight hit Kid Rock from behind and you could see his silhouette shining through they Banner standing there singing a song with his first in the air.

Kid Rocks stage present commands nothing but respect with of chances for the crowd to be involved and sing along to all their favorite Kid Rock tunes.

The music fit the setting, too, as Rock and company romped through a high-octane, fat-free 19-song set that down-shifted just once, for his "Picture" duet with Twisted Brown Trucker backup singer Shannon Curfman. Otherwise Rock and his 11-member group were in full-throttle mode, emerging from behind a curtain following a taped "prayer" -- in which Rock promised to "do anything but disappoint" "Man, it feels good to be Back in Chicago," Rock declared, giving the crowd a satisfied thumbs-up. Taking a poll of how many had seen him play before, Rock welcomed any "newbies" and assured that he'd "walk (them) into this slowly" -- before launching into "You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me" that segued into "American Bad Ass" and a tribute to the late George Jones.

The rest of the show was populated with fresh twists on older favorites. "Wasting Time" boasted a rootsy, rural gospel flavor, while "What I Learned Out on the Road" emerged from "Cowboy" as a John Lee Hooker-style shuffle. "Forever" was mashed-up with Rush's "Tom Sawyer," complete with lasers, and rolled into "Cocky" 

Rock took his customary turn on the turntables during "3 Sheets to the Wind," with an abundance of product placements for sponsors Jimmy John's, Jim Beam and Harley-Davidson (he later acknowledged their role in helping achieve the $20 ticket price). "Born Free" was preceded with another taped sermonette and began with Rock on piano, while he sang "Flyin' High" sitting on Michigan-shaped wooden deck chair. Black-and-white beach balls flew through the crowd during "All Summer Long," and "Bawitdaba" closed the night with its traditional storm of pyrotechnics.

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