Friday, March 6, 2020

Joe Bonamassa Thrills in Central Florida

Joe Bonamassa
Ruth Eckerd Hall 2-24-2020
Clearwater, FL 
Michael Yanko
Rock Legends Photographers

When Joe Bonamassa has a guitar in his hands, it's like an extension of his body. His smooth playing sounds so perfect it is like it is coming out of a machine. 

Every link in the Bonamassa chain is highly polished and it is clearly displayed in the presentation that he and his band of legendary musicians make on stage. The stellar members of his band are all top notch performers including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame keyboardist Reese Wynans, "Late Night's" former drummer Anton Fig, famous Nashville recording bassist Michael Rhodes, Paulie Cerra on sax, Lee Thornburg on trumpet, and two talented Australian backup singers, Mahalia Barnes and Jade MacRae. The cohesion that this talent blends with Bonamassa's guitar playing is just amazing.



Bonamassa's set consisted of a mix of his original songs, wonderful covers, and included a sample of his forthcoming album. The crowd was very enthusiastic and Bonamassa received several standing ovations.

Upon our arrival we were greeted with tickets for great seats, Bonamassa custom photo passes, and an accurate set list. To a concert reviewer having an accurate set list before the show is invaluable. The professionalism of his organization from top to bottom is unrivaled. 

The Bonamassa marketing team is the most efficient in the industry. For those of you that don't deal with his staff behind the scenes, all you have to do is look at the merchandise table to know that this is true. JB even has umbrellas with  photos of some of his many guitars on each panel.

If you are not a big Joe Bonamassa fan, then you haven't been paying attention to the skills that this artist displays in both songwriting and playing his many guitars. Everyone knows that Bonamassa is a great guitar player, but often overlooked is that his smooth vocals are also well developed.

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