Thursday, May 30, 2013

ZZ Top: La Futura Tour

ZZ Top brought their bluesy-rock sound to the Tennessee Theatre on May 21st.  They were touring on their La Futura album, which is their first album in nine years. It's hard to believe that they have been touring together for over 40 years now, but it certainly showed on this night!   The chemistry between the band was apparent and on display for all to see.  They seamlessly burned through the set list with ease and prowess.

The show came to a screeching halt about halfway through the set when a fan who had made his way down to the front managed to distract Billy Gibbons to the point of stopping the show.  Turns out the man was waving his license plate.  Billy walked over to the edge of the stage, took it from the guy, and held up the plate which read ZZ TOP.  The crowd went crazy!  Billy pulled him onstage and after giving the plate a closer look, he said, "I guess you want us to sign it, right?  The crowd was near pandemonium by that point! He then passed it around to all of the band members and each of them signed it.  It made the guys whole week!


        Precious and Grace
        Heartache in Blue
        Waitin' for the Bus
        Jesus Just Left Chicago
        Flyin’ High
        Heard it on the X
        I Gotsta Get Paid
        Gimme All Your Lovin'
        Blue Jean Blues
        My Head's in Mississippi
        Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
        Certified Blues
        Sharp Dressed Man


        Tube Snake Boogie
        La Grange / Sloppy Drunk / Bar-B-Q

ZZ Top 2013 Tour Dates

5/2 — Newkirk, Okla.
5/3 — Concho, Okla.
5/4 — Memphis, Tenn.
5/8 — Wallingford, Ct.
5/9 — Morristown, N.J.
5/10 — Crewe, Va.
5/11 — Atlantic City, N.J.
5/13 — Lancaster, Penn.
5/14 — Englewood, N.J.
5/15 — Westbury, N.Y.
5/17 — Hampton Beach, N.H.
5/18 — Lynn, Mass.
5/19 — Baltimore, Md.
5/21 — Knoxville, Tenn.
5/25 — Biloxi, Miss.
6/13 — Manchester, Tenn. (Bonaroo)
8/1 — Costa Mesa, Calif.
8/4 — Sturgis, S.D. (Motorcycle Rally)


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