Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boy Hits Car, Incite and Something Shiny Concert Report

Boy Hits Car
Something Shiny
Czars Night Club, 505 Pleasant, Saint Joseph, Michigan

Incite played Memorial Day at Czars in Saint Joseph, Michigan.  This father and son reporter team could not resist the chance to see Incite again.  The lead singer Richie Cavalera and his family are considered metal royalty to true metal fans around the world.

Memorial Day near Czars United States flags cover the hillside overlooking the beach in honor of our fallen heroes.  Czars is a smaller venue which is really nice if you want to see a band up close and in your face.  A fan can stand at the very front of the stage to see their favorite band.

First band to warm up any show has the difficult task of getting the crowd going.  The first band was Something Shiny.

Something Shiny:  This band seemed like a local band that had plenty of support.  Something Shiny was a brand new band and this was their first concert.  They had good vocals, guitars, bass and drums and got the crowd warmed up.

They did their job getting the crowd warmed up for Incite and Boy Hits Car.

Incite:  Is made up of Richie Cavalera on vocals, Gene Macazan on Guitar, Lennon Lopez on Drums and Christopher EL on bass.  Incite was around this area a few months ago with Soulfly and Lody Kong at Club Fever in South Bend, Indiana.  At that show Incite made the crowd go crazy with a mosh pit.

At Czars Incite dominated the stage no matter what size the crowd is even up to 40,000 to 50,000 people they put on a great show every time.  The whole band puts their heart into every show.  Proof of this was at the second to the last song.

Richie Cavalera’s vocals blew the PA most people performing would stop but not Richie and his band.  He kept singing finishing up the song and also the next without a PA.  Gene Macazan playing Dean Razorback guitars shred the stage with his guitar playing.

Incite gained new fans at Czars by putting on such a great metal show.  We grabbed the setlist to share.

Incite’s setlist:
The Aftermath
4Ever Loko
Die Alone
Down And Out
Tyranny’s End
Feel The Flames
The Slaughter
Divided We Fail
Army Of Darkness

This was an epic show Incite put on.

Boy Hits Car:  The third band to play that night.  Watching their show without knowing anything about the band made it enjoyable.  The first thing you see when they set up the stage is a twelve string acoustic guitar on a stand with an electric pickup in it.  Twelve string guitars are difficult to make them sound good.

Cregg Rondell on vocals and the twelve string guitar sounded great together.  Bill Gower thundered with his bass and Mike Bartak on guitar sounded great as well.  Their music is love core, hard rock and alternative all mixed smoothly and created a California surf rock flare to their sound.

Boy Hits Car put on an awesome show to finish up the night and they would be well worth while to see again some day.

By Nosforotu Poet(Dan Spratt) and Andrew Spratt 05-30-2013

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