Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Biscuit Miller and the Mix Review, Interview, and Photos

Frannipalooza at Earl's Hideaway- Sebastian, Florida 4-6-14

By Michael and Rina Marie Yanko

for Rock Legends Photographers 

and Concert Photos Magazine

Before we went to see them we had never heard of Biscuit Miller and the Mix. 8 hours later we had 5 great new friends for life and our socks properly rocked off and rolled up.

Fortunately for us this was the last stop on their tour so we got to spend some extra time with the band after the show.

The band, made up of Biscuit Miller
and his million dollar smile,

 (He actually went out into the crowd and danced while playing his wireless bass)

Dr. Love                                                          Bobby B
and Southside (Alex Smith)

were accompanied on the tour by Biscuit's lifelong friend (and ours too now) Datrick. >>>

These guys are one heck of a bunch of nice people and we immediately liked them and loved their music. By the time they were done we loved them too! They were the only band playing and they played two very long sets. They kept the crowd dancing and to a one I'm sure that they'll be watching Earl's schedule wondering when Biscuit will be back again.

Biscuit plays his bass like it's a lead guitar, Bobby and Southside take turns wowing the crowd with fabulous guitar work, Doc rocks the kit and keeps the beat, and Datrick just stood there off to the side with a smile that would melt butter.

Be sure to see the band whenever they are in a venue near you
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Our photos from the show at Earl's
Our exclusive interview with Biscuit Miller
Follow the schedule at Earl's Hideaway

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