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Rock Legends Photographers Exclusive Interview with Roger Earl of Foghat

By Michael and Rina Marie Yanko
for Rock Legends Photographers
and Concert Photos Magazine

I’ve got to admit, we’ve fallen in love with Foghat. Not just the music, but the guys in the band are absolutely awesome as well! As a matter-of-fact, the whole Foghat family is awesome!Roger Earl and his kit
Foghat is one of the tightest bands on the circuit today and the current lineup sounds so much like the original band that if you close your eyes you may find yourself transported back to the 70′s!

Founding member Roger Earl started in the 60′s with Savoy Brown, then started Foghat back in 1970. The band initially featured Dave Peverett (“Lonesome Dave”) on guitar and vocals, Tony Stevens on bass, and Roger Earl on drums when they left Savoy Brown in 1970. Rod Price on guitar/slide guitar joined after he left the Black Cat Bones in December 1970. The new lineup was named “Foghat” in January 1971
The current lineup of Roger Earl 1970-present, Craig MacGregor – on and off since 1976 to present, Bryan Bassett – on and off since 1990 to present, and new front man Charlie Huhn – from 2005 to present is incredible to hear and are one of the nicest, fan friendly bands on the road today! Be sure to check their tour dates often and don’t miss them when they come to a venue near you! Check out their official site here.
I recently got a chance to interview Roger Earl and ask him a few questions:

Q- Why did you leave Savoy Brown and form Foghat?
A- Tony Stevens got fired- Lonesome Dave and I wanted to do more Rock n Roll than blues.

Q- What one song do you personally like playing the most?
A- No one in particular, maybe Road Fever or Slow Ride.

Q- What song do you no longer play that you wish you did?
A- Trouble Trouble,  Hole to Hide In, Highway Killing Me? Might do that one again.

Q- When you were looking for a new front man how did you find Charlie?
A- Did a show a show in Toledo and Charlie was doing Humble Pie. Dave and Roger both really liked him.
Foghat banner 
Q- Once he auditioned did you know right away he was the right one?
A- There were 2 or 3 other guys we considered.

Q- What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?
A- I’ve never had one… maybe sliding down the ramp on my butt at the Super Dome but it wasn’t really embarrassing because I was laughing- I still gets nervous before every show.

Q- What venue that you’ve played at was your favorite?
A- The warehouse in New Orleans , Dave and I talked about moving there! Glad we didn’t. Wherever we are is really the best. This band would play anywhere. We’d be happy to play in a box!

Q- It wasn’t so long ago that great classic rock bands like yourselves were struggling to fill your schedules and bring in crowds. Now it seems like everywhere you go the great classic rock bands are making a resurgence and packing venues and filling schedules… how much of that success would you contribute to social media?
A- It’s important because of the music distribution.

Q- How long have you and Linda been together?
A- 15 years married we were friends and she was the office manager since the 70’s. I married my best friend!

Q- Today when most bands are on the road the venues supply the front and back lines and usually the drum set. Was it like that back in the day or did you have to bring your own sound system and drum set with you?
A- We always carried own equipment until the early 80s and usually used the same company. Now we bring pedals, sticks, cymbals, guitars.

Q- So what’s it like on the road today with traveling lighter making it easier to get around?
A- After 3-4 days on the road you are ready to go home.

Q- What do you like to do in your off time?
A – Love fishing and gardening.Foghat Jokesters

Q- The lineup that Foghat has right now is incredibly tight. God forbid that something happened to any of the guys but if it did, do you already have backup people for each guy that can step in and do a few shows?
A- Yes except Bryan. Charlie and I ride bikes and play golf to stay in shape.

Q- You were on both Rock Legends Cruises and obviously one of the fan favorites.  I know that you guys truly enjoy the meet and greets and interacting with the fans,  but is it overwhelming on the cruises having fans everywhere you go?
A- Everybody loves it and gets lots free drinks. We really love it!
Foghat will rock your socks off live, be sure to check them out when their tour brings them anywhere near you! They also have a new single out that you can download for free on their site. We will be shooting the band at a couple of festivals in November and December but in the meantime there are several hundred great photos at here.

Special thanks to our friends Linda Earl for setting up this interview and Roger for making time for us! Love to you and all the guys!
*dates are from Wikipedia and may not be accurate

Join Foghat, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Sixthman crew on the Simple Man Cruise 8 in November!

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